Trump pardons billionaire friend Conrad Black who wrote book about him


2019/05/16 13:50

President Trump on Wednesday granted full pardon to former media mogul Conrad Black who wrote a book on Trump. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

周三,特朗普总统彻底赦免了前媒体大亨康拉德·布莱克,后者写了一本关于特朗普的书。 (Mark Blinch /路透社)

President Trump gave a full pardon to a longtime friend who last year authored a glowing book about Trump’s successes.


Conrad Black was convicted in 2007 on fraud charges, including alleged embezzlement, and obstruction of justice. He served more than three years in prison and was deported to his native Canada after he was released in 2012. He was barred from returning to the United States for 30 years.


The White House said in a statement that Black was “entirely deserving” of the pardon. It mentions biographies Black wrote about Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, but not his tome on Trump.


On the first page of that book, “Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other,” Black writes: “Like the country he represents, Donald Trump possesses the optimism to persevere and succeed, the confidence to affront tradition and convention, a genius for spectacle, and a firm belief in common sense and the common man.”

在那本书的第一页,布莱克写道: “唐纳德J.特朗普:一个与众不同的总统。就像他所代表的国家一样,唐纳德特朗普拥有坚持和成功的乐观精神,打破传统和惯例的自信;他是一位特别的天才,并对普世价值和普罗大众满怀信心。“

Black, whose media company owned the Chicago Sun Times, at one time partnered with Trump to build Trump Tower in Chicago, but Trump later bought him out.


Black denied at the end of last year that he was trying to get a pardon from Trump.


“You are correct that no pardon has been applied for, and I have no comment on the subject,” Black told a Canadian news outlet. “The public speculation about it that I have seen is bunk.”


In its statement, the White House offered a list of household names who have vouched for Black’s character, including Henry Kissinger, Elton John and Rush Limbaugh.


In addition to his book, Black frequently writes columns praising Trump and considers the president a friend.


Trump is quoted in a 2004 Vanity Fair story about Black’s legal troubles, predicting Black will bounce back.


“In 1990 or 1991, when I owed billions of dollars, some people shied away from me,” Trump said. “And now everyone is kissing my ass and begging me to sit at their right-hand side at the table. Conrad is a tremendously strong man who will overcome these obstacles in the end. He will prevail.”

“在1990年或1991年,当我欠下数十亿美元债务时,人们都躲着我,”特朗普说。 “而现在每个人都在对我溜须拍马,并恳求我坐在他们右手边。康拉德是一个非常强大的人,他最终将克服这些障碍,东山再起。“

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