There’s no economic constraint on the fiscal space available to fight the next recession


2019/06/14 14:35

The next recession has not begun—and might not even be all that close at hand—but events where people are talking about the Next Recession have definitely started.


The event we co-sponsored last month on the next recession and essays from the panelists can be seen here. It’s worth checking out. A highlight was the keynote by Christina Romer, who served as the first chief economist for the Obama administration as it was taking office in the face of the Great Recession. Romer established a reputation as a firm advocate for fighting the recession with aggressive and sustained fiscal stimulus. In retrospect, her recommendations were clearly right, and if politics had let them win the day, tens of millions of Americans would have suffered far less in the past decade.

我们上个月共同赞助的关于下一次经济衰退的活动和小组成员的文章可以在这里看到。它值得一看。其中一个亮点是克里斯蒂娜•罗默(Christina Romer)的主题演讲。罗默在奥巴马政府面对大萧条(Great Recession)上台时,曾担任奥巴马政府的首位首席经济学家。罗默以积极和持续的财政刺激措施对抗经济衰退而闻名。回想起来,她的建议显然是正确的,如果政治让他们获胜,数千万美国人在过去10年遭受的痛苦就会少得多。