Why Trump is a Florida Man


2019/06/10 11:37

We always think of Trump as a New York guy, or the president in the White House. But at heart, he's a Florida Man with a Trumpian Florida life: big mansions and big money.


Why it matters: At Mar-a-Lago, we're seeing a whole new form of lobbying. People pay dues to the private club of the president of the United States, then try to influence him in person on government policy — all outside the normal watchdogs and strictures and surveillance of Washington. It's a stunning situation.

在特朗普的海湖庄园(Mar-a-Lago),我们见识了一种全新的游说形式。人们向美国总统的私人俱乐部缴纳会费,然后亲自上阵试图在政府政策问题上影响他 - 所有这些都超出了正常的监管机构对华盛顿的限制和监视范围。这是一个令人震惊的现状。

The big picture: "In the popular conception, he's a Manhattan real estate builder. But in some ways that's not really his world. Certainly not anymore. His world is Palm Beach," Axios' Jonathan Swan noted on "Axios on HBO."

“在普遍的认知中,他是曼哈顿房地产开发商。但从某些意义上来说,那从不是他的世界,自他当选总统后就更不是了。他的世界是佛罗里达的棕榈滩,”Axios的Jonathan Swan在“Axios on HBO”中指出。

  • "If you drew a circle around Mar-a-Lago, his private club, there is no more concentrated an area of political influence outside Washington, D.C."
  • “如果你在他的私人俱乐部海湖庄园周围画了一圈,那么华盛顿特区以外的政治影响力就不再集中了”
  • Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross owns a 16,000 square foot home in Palm Beach, according to South Florida Business Journal.
  • 据南佛罗里达商业杂志报道,商务部长威尔伯罗斯在棕榈滩拥有16,000平方英尺的住宅。
  • Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is from the area.
  • 劳工部长Alex Acosta来自该地区。
  • HUD Secretary Ben Carson has a home in Palm Beach Gardens.
  • HUD秘书Ben Carson在棕榈滩花园(Palm Beach Gardens)有一个家。

Between the lines: Trump is "in his happy place at his club or at the golf course. He is completely relaxed. And that's when he's most receptive to ideas," Swan noted.


  • "It's this weird world where you've got him at the dining table people come up and talk to him and you get an invaluable piece of time with the most powerful person on earth."
  • “这是一个奇怪的世界,特朗普在餐桌旁,人们会来和他交谈,你会得到一个与地球上最有权势的人相处的宝贵时间。”
  • As of mid-April, Trump had spent 99 days at Mar-a-Lago while president, NBC News reports.
  • 据NBC新闻报道,截至4月中旬,特朗普在海湖庄园(Mar-a-Lago)度过了99天。
  • Mar-a-Lago's initiation fee doubled in 2017, shortly after he was elected president, to $200,000 a year.
  • 在他当选总统后不久,海湖庄园的入会费在2017年翻了一番,达到每年20万美元。
  • Trump routinely uses his own club to host foreign leaders, including Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
  • 特朗普经常利用自己的俱乐部接待外国领导人,包括日本首相安倍晋三和中国领导人习近平。
  • He's also notably showed up at events taking place at his club, including crashing a wedding at Mar-a-Lago on the same night North Korea conducted a missile test in 2017.
  • 他还高调曝光了在他的俱乐部举行的活动,包括在朝鲜2017年进行导弹试验的同一天晚上在Mar-a-Lago举行婚礼。

The bottom line: The club has "all the accoutrement that make people sometimes describe Trump as a poor person's idea of a rich person," Axios' Mike Allen said.


  • "Gold ceilings, and gold lamps and gold floors and fringe. He gets to think of himself as the literal monarch. Everyone is there to pay obeisance to him. And he really doesn't have to accommodate the press."
  • “金色的天花板,金色的灯具和金色的地板和流苏。他可以把自己想象成一个真正的帝王。每个人都在那里向他致敬。他真的不需要容忍媒体。”
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