2019/09/11 16:11
Meredith Crowley剑桥大学国际贸易经济学家,CEPR研究员
Every year I am struck by this chart from the US Census. It shows which programs lift Americans out of poverty the most. The results are clear: 1) Social Security 2) EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) 3) SNAP (aka food stamps) 4) Housing subsidies
每年我都会被美国人口普查的这张图所震撼。它显示了哪些项目最能帮助美国人摆脱贫困。结果很清楚: 1)社会保障 2)EITC(所得税抵免) 3)SNAP(又名食品券) 4)住房补贴